The following is based on the supposition that unity comprises multiplicity in order to realize itself.

The interaction of unity and multiplicity is called ConsciousNess and regarded as an inter-extrapolation that relates in a viewpoint which manifests ConsciousNess.*
* (The particular spelling is to emphasize the relativity of Conscious: purposeful, aware – and Ness: being, existence)

 In 2750, an Egyptian priest of Ptah paraphrased it like this: “The seeing of the eyes, the hearing of the ears and the breathing of the nose report to the mind; the mind is the center of cognition, the tongue expresses the cognized” – and since this cognition consists of a reflection & projection, the priest added – “thus gods are made”.

The Egyptians called the cognition Hoor Paar Kraat (Horus the Child) and its Reflection & Projection Isis & Osiris. This relativity, or state of ConsciousNess, did apparently not suffice, as they reflected & projected Isis & Osiris with Nephtys & Seth, setting off a contrary Reflection/Projection (R/P) dynamic, wherein Horus became the arbiter of its pole positions – or field limits – and thus an intermediate viewpoint.

Cultures subjected to this contrary R/P dynamic, called it a war of gods. In the Egyptian version, Seth divided Osiris and claimed his throne – or pole position – which put him into opposition to Horus, who joined (wed) his “mother” Isis. With the son of this marriage the entire process repeated itself – that is: the contrary R/P field and its intermediate viewpoint were doubled and turned into an eight-pole R/P dynamic which filled the Egyptian pantheon with numerous Horus (& Osiris) variants.

The history of Egyptian ConsciousNess (or religion) demonstrates, that it was henceforth governed by attempts to restrain this division-multiplication process through a 9th pole (or god) –which might have been the first monopolistic (or monotheistic) attempt to transform the intermediate into an absolute viewpoint – in order to fix the pole positions and thus inhibit the creation of additional R/P fields and viewpoints.

It is not known if the priests realized that thereby they fixed the contraries too, or if they feared losing their prosperous pantheon-managements, when they exiled this so called “Aton” to (or with) the Israeli tribes, whom he henceforth ruled under the term JHVH. And it was the son (Jesus) of this (four-poled) contrary R/P field, whose (cross-shaped) coordinate got established in the Hellenic time/space, where it became a principal pattern for the formation of the Occident.

The R/P patterns of the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks were similar, except that the Greeks established four intermediary viewpoints and thus a contrary field within contrary fields, which brought about a R/P mode that was to become renown as rationalism (after the Latin ratio = calculation) and to give birth to the philosophers and geometricians who separated the fields and assigned one to psyche and one to soma (or spirit & body – mind & matter), turning them into the cornerstones of a polarisation-dynamic that was going to shape – with the help of religion and science – the occidental cultures.

In 1904 appeared the threefold “Book of the Law” LIBER AL VEL LEGIS.
LAL reveals that these Dualisms become reciprocal as soon as they reach their particular limits, thus bringing about a self-complementing unit, in the following called SelfConsciousNess.

The simultaneous Inter/Extrapolation of its R/P-equations (for convenience sake numbered 2-8, 3-7, 4-6) is envisioned spherical and depicted as the following:



In LAL the inter/extrapolation (indicated by the doted wave or spiral) is represented by Had and the space (sphere) of its realisation by Nu the Egyptian goddess of All, which makes Had to the measure of the phenomena (Khabs) that manifest in the Selfrealisation-dynamic (Khu) of ConsciousNess.

(Khabs is also translated as body, matter and Khu as energy, light)

LAL I & II are dedicated to Nu & Had, whereas Ra Hoor Khu, the Theban god of war, embodies in Book III the polarisation-dynamic of ConsciousNess. He is the mythological (graphic: geometrical) twin (double) of Hoor-Paar-Kraat, who is now the transformation moment (5) of his brothers contrary R/P (10-01) and thus the Point of View of SelfConsciousNess.

Ra-Hoor-Khu introduces himself in LAL III-3 also as “god of vengeance”, because in dualism self-realisation is a two-way-dynamic that correlates in the cognition: I am what I do ~ I do what I am (i.e.) I reflect what I project ~ I project what I reflect, thus annihilating its innate contradictions.

This self-complementary unit is in LAL called a star, symbolizing a microcosm that relates a macrocosm. Macrocosm is the inter/extrapolation-sphere of the stars, or microcosms. The force of their inter/extrapolation is Love under Will, and the formula of their R/P equation is 101 (LAL: eleven).

The R/P poles of this continuum interrelate in 3 phases. 4~6 is here interpret as cognition, 3~7 as understanding and 2~8 as (Self) knowledge, while the (doted) zero indicates the circumference of the pole relativity 1~1, the sphere (or dimension) wherein micro & macrocosm interact.


Reflections & Projections are time/space relativities of the inter/extrapolation of ConsciousNess.

There are three principal Reflection/Projection modes – the alternating, whose manifestations complement each other – the contrary, where they contrast each other – the dualistic R/P, whose manifestations appear separate.

The alternating R/P is typical for the Orient, whereas the contrary R/P has been dominating the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Hellenic cultures and became the foundation of the dualistic R/P that determines the Occident and its cultures.

(Orient & Occident represent here R/P systems as well as cerebral & global hemispheres)

Every R/P mode has a characteristic time/space and corresponding life- & death rites.

In the alternating R/P the dissolving body (soma) is left to earth, fire, water or air, while the psyche is kept alive with rituals – particularly where it is believed to be essential for the re-incarnation of the soma aspect.

In the contrary R/P the body receives a space, or room, furnished with life-utensils, while (notably in Egypt) symbols and data-cards (Stele) are employed to keep the diseased present. With the doubling of the R/P field, that space is perceived as another world (or dimension) wherein the deceased has to justify his existence to the gods in charge of it – i.e. of the measures and values it is composed of.

In Dualism the times & spaces of the living & the dead are not only divided, but also fractured by the counter-dynamics of its R/P fields. Thus the dead wind up in heavens above and hells below, while the spaces of the living get subdivided into sections for you & me, pasts & futures, inner & outer worlds, one for psyche and one for soma, in short: times & spaces for everything they fear from death – and hope from it as well, since their existence is not only determined by their fear of death, but also by their fear of life.

Existence is to realize ConsciousNess. In the alternating R/P system, existence appears as a change and in the contrary as an action/reaction that triggers in Dualism feedback-emotions (mostly in form of fear) and promotes notions like existence being a fight, or even a will, of survival. However, fear is not will, but weakness, and the concept of a will of survival is a contradiction as (even according to it) the weak do not survive.

Existence is lust and requires strength to bear its joy.

In undivided R/P systems the lust & joy of existence are revered with sex, art & war, and in some cultures with the sacrifice of the body to the feast of life. In the Occident, where the separation of life & death culminated in the sacrifice of the son of its god, and where the lust & joy of existence got corrupted by a religion that thrives on misery and merchant-emotions, not only lust & joy degenerated, but also the understanding that when the body dissolves, there remains that which is reflected & projected as its life and death.

Thus there is the death of those whose existence is determined by fear & hope – and the death of those who associate it with the death of the dogs.

There is the death of the one who consumes himself in the fire of Selfrealisation and there is the dissolution of the one who determines his life as well as his death. To him existence is the Great Ritual and death the crown of it.

Who designs his life with death in sight, can be certain of a rich life as well as of a rich death.

Survival concepts may intensify the experience of existence through emotions like fear & hope – but they also confine it into a time/space with a deadly exit.

Attempts to make the mortal immortal, bring about a dual-creature, that stagnates in its incompatibility.


The constellations of the manifestations of ConsciousNess are interactive, their reciprocal changes maintain the balance of existence.

The formation- & dissolution phases of the constellations are concurrent.

That constellations appear to come and to go, to be active or passive, to transform, to consume, to attract or to repulse each other, are angles of a R/P determined time/space and thus local aspects of the Selfrealisation process of ConsciousNess.

The ways the interrelations of the constellations of ConsciousNess are observed, reveal also the patterns and dynamics of the observers Selfrealisation attempts.

The large variety of psyche-soma* relativities and the ways they express, affirm & enjoy themselves, demonstrate the innumerable Selfrealisation possibilities of ConsciousNess and its lust & joy of existence.

To claim that the components of existence eliminate each other in order to survive is to claim that existence destroys itself in order to exist. This (for the dual/linear perspective typical) contradiction impedes the awareness that the combination possibilities of existence are infinite.


Will is the force of creation and Love the force that relates (unites) its manifestations.

Will & Love are strong force of ConsciousNess.

Will has no cause, nor can it be deduced from effects – Will is cause and effect, both are united through Love.

Will is absolute – unless subjected to morals & purpose, or otherwise adulterated.

Will cannot be willed, as there are no two Wills.

Seeking the origins of Will is seeking to avoid self-responsibility.

Where Will is divided, weaknesses arise.

The force of Will & Love might be measured through weaknesses, but woe him who tries to measure it.

The force of Will & Love expresses as harmony, beauty & joy – the lack of it as discontinuity, sadness and filth.

Will & Love is also the force of imagination & inspiration – both are essential for self-design.


Everyone is (or should be) his own creator and has as such infinite self-design possibilities – each of them having, when motivated by the Will & Love to realize oneself, the potential to bring about a self-image wherein all creations complement each other.

There is active and passive self-design, the active projects and the passive reflects a self-image, both complement each other through Will & Love.

In the reflection Will & Love may be localized (reasoned, moralized, etc), but that brings about reaction-images which are not complementary.

In the projection is no space for reasons & morals – however there might be a lack of Will & Love that weakens the reflection.

To weak self-images, strong projections may appear as a threat– but that should not restrain the projection, otherwise the force of Will & Love gets dispersed.

The same happens when the projection is tested, since the test affects the reflection – moreover, there is no test for perfection.

Nor is the projection to be charged with expectations, since they get amplified by the reflection, causing divisions & multiplications which interrupt the interactivity of micro- & macro cosmos and fracture the self-image.

The projection has to be free of expectation, reasons or other restrains, in order to enable the reflection to complement the self-image according to its Will & Love.

Self-design enhances the awareness of the Selfrealisation process. The awareness gets impaired when the self-image lacks lust & joy, is loaded and distorted with emotions, mistreated with causalities & moralities, subjugated to parasitical Selfrealisation-attempts and/or infected by the possession virus.

Disorder arises when the Self-designer, instead of exercising his will, represents and executes the wills of “others” – adopts handed down identity rites – or subjugates himself to commercial, religious, ideological and collective identification schemes.

Self-design is subject to Love & Will, the strong force of ConsciousNess. The lack of it could be regarded as a personal debility-period, were there not the many representatives of the weak forces who, for lack of own orders, attach themselves to those of the strong. A relationship (in collective-images represented by rulers and serfs) that seems inevitable, since the strong and the weak forces are complementary and attempts to change this relativity are its balance-mechanisms in order for everything to remain as it is.

But the self-designer ought not to rely on such “auto-controls”, since he is responsible for every aspect of his order – and his weak and their weaknesses are part of it.

One manner of self-design is to arrange the components of the self-image according to their capability to complement each other. In such case it is of little consequence what its reference points are called, or which shapes, scales & quantities they present, since every unity is infinite. Nevertheless, it is recommendable to keep the reference points interchangeable and in small numbers, in order to obtain a flexible and clear self-image.

In rigid structures a reference point might receive disproportionate attributes and thus a priority that provokes comparisons which impede the interactivity of the components and the harmony of the self-image.

Ill ordered self-images may be rearranged with sex and drugs – but with care, as sex can alter the pole positions of the psycho-soma-relativity, whereas every drug has a particular potential and amplifies the intentions it is taken with.

Drugs can also be used to stimulate the imagination that helps furnishing the self-image – which ought to be splendorous, as it intensifies the awareness.

When motivated by the lust & joy of existence, self-design takes place Here/Now and has thus unlimited possibilities.

To claim a self-image being objectively true, is a lie and a fatal one, not because it hides an objective truth – as some of its gurus claim – but because it paralyses the creativity and makes the creator a victim, or prisoner, of his creation.

Self-design with the help of teachers and teachings seems to be the easiest, but is more complicated, since most of them have rules & restrictions regarding Selfrealization, not to mention, that every teacher has & represents a particular self-image. Moreover, how is one to realize oneself through the images of others, if ones does not know one’s own? And there is of course the risk of getting caught in parasitic images and in the traps of self-denial – that is: to be something else than one is.


One cannot change oneself – but one can realize oneself.

The notion of changing oneself is self-denial and most common in Dualism, because of its presumption, that the viewpoints which relate its manifestations, are having different time/space positions. A misconception that leads – due to the counter-dynamics of the (dualistic) R/P fields – to the assumption that one could be different than one is, and that one state of existence is imperfect and another better – or at least: more advantageous.

There are more perverse ways of self-denial, like the Judaic/Christian concept of Homo being the crown of a creation whose aim it is, that he subjugates its manifestations – and thus himself.

Another currently popular self-denial is the Occidental evolution- & selection dogma – despite that it should lead, according to its own logic, to the realization that every man & woman is what he/she projects/reflects and that therefore no one can be elevated or put down, improve, worsen or otherwise be changed.

The, in every R/P system common (because most simple) manner of self-denial, is the causality concept, according to which a manifestation is either the cause, or the effect of another manifestation. A notion that not only undermines the self-response-ability of Homo, but makes him to a victim as well, even more so, when he tries to find causes for his existence and begins to reason it – and thus himself.


Reason is a close circuit, as it compels to reason itself and thus to invent respective reasons, triggering a division/multiplication process which often determines the search for oneself and at times the identity rites of an entire culture.

Reason becomes fatal when Homo tries to reason his existence in order to confirm his interpretations of it, because this leads to an intellectual fundamentalism which justifies its thereby growing walls with its own reasons and deprives their builders (and victims) of the possibility to question them, by declaring them as their sole meaning and purpose. Nevertheless, reason might – when driven to its own limits – lead to the cognition that the entrance to its labyrinth is its exit as well.


When dualistic R/P modes reach their (linear) limits, a (non-linear) inter/extrapolation takes place whose equation is the cognition: I am what I do – I do what I am (or) I reflect what I project – I project what I reflect.

This cognition (graph: 4-6) is complemented by the phase-equation of understanding (3-7) and the one of self-knowledge (2-8). Their interactivity constitutes the continuum of SelfConsciousNess (indicated with 10-01 i.e. 1O1).

The entire process is revealed in LAL III by the formula “abrahadabra” when the letters of “abra” are replaced by numbers (1-2-18-1) and their sum 22 (44) is superimposed on the 4 (8) poles of the R/P fields of Dualism. Their interactivity reveals the pole relativity of “had” (8-1-4) whose sum (13) corresponds to “achad” the cabalistic term for unity.

LAL contains a series of ordeals that are based on the three R/P systems and activated through the interactivity of its three books and their particular word- & letter combinations. This enables everyone to relate himself according to his particular perspectives and circumstances and eliminates the possibility to draw comparisons between the stars, which is important, as every star is a unity and the totality of stars an order of complementary unities of which each one is an order.


Order arises from Will & Love – disorders take place where this strong force of ConsciousNess is lacking.

There are no by chance orders. There are the manifestations of the alternating and of the contrary R/P modes and the, in time & space scattered, manifestations of Dualism (which sometimes do seem to relate to each other by chance). And then there is the Point of View of the R/P equation, the unknown factor of its manifestations, which cannot be known, i.e. reflected/projected, without fracturing their order.

Disorder is a discontinuity-field, or –phase, which disappears as soon as its components are transferred to, or absorbed by a unity.


Unity comprises multiplicity and a corresponding number of possibilities to realize itself. When the possibilities are differentiated, multiplicity is established.

Unity cannot be measured, but only cognized and understood. The unities of measurements are half-measures that can be added up and concealed with unity-terms, but such Selfrealisation-attempts are self-deceptions as they veil the quintessence of unity and thus of SelfConsciousNess.

The dimension of unity can neither be related nor located – but only be experienced.

Dimensions that can be related, are division/multiplication abstructs. They may serve to focus on unity, but cannot effect it, since its time/space is not extended – wherefore unity disappears when manipulated.

von waechter418

call to arms

The following texts have been part of the main work – yet their militancy suggested to give them a particular title and blog.


Homo searches everywhere for the cause of his woes, except in his psycho-somatic relativity, as he might have to alter its pole constellations, which would require efforts he prefers to invest into the cultivation of his woes, since they seem to make him feel conscious.

Solutions to the problems of Homo are not to be found in his psychic (mental) or somatic (physical) aspects, but in their interactivity – i.e. in the way he deals with himself.

When Homo is overwhelmed by psycho-somatic dispolarization, he tends to become hostile to existence.

“Polarisation” denotes a constellation of R/P-poles that relates itself  in a Point of View, whereas “dis-polarisation” indicates their disorder.

That Homo´s views and interpretations of existence do recur, is not because they contain basic truths, as he likes to believe, but because he uses for his selfrealisation attempts the same patterns over and over again. And when thereby also that recurs which has disappeared in his amnesia periods, he believes that All is recurrent.

Homo tries to unite with his kind since he is aware of it – but in vain as long as he does not acknowledge it (i.e. mankind) being integral to himself. The acknowledgement comes through Will & Love and is an aspect of Self-knowledge.


Where Conscious & Ness (Existence) are handled separately, the psycho-somatic relativity is usually divided into Beast & Homo and the latter tries to identify, formulate & assert himself by means of discrimination, oppression and eradication of the former. As with his civilization-projects his identity-problems grow as well, Homo degrades everyone as a beast (primitive, aborigine) who manages his existence without analyzing, dissecting and categorizing himself in order to assemble from the fragments an identity. Which Homo has not managed yet either – nor the elimination of his beast. In contrary – considering the obstinacy with which it attacks his religious & moral abstructs, wrecks his societies and wages wars with ever more & vicious weapons – it seems to be bend to eliminate its host.

As Homo can not make peace with his Beast, without loosing an adversary on whom he has build most of his self-concepts & -conceits, he searches for parallels in his perverted imaginations & interpretations of animal-beasts, to find reasons & excuses for his behavior and, last not least, to escape responsibility through generalizations – a method he has been using to justify and to transfer his vices and weaknesses, since he has become aware of them. However, generalization leads also in Dualism back to its originator, which is probably why his Theo- socio- psychologists try to isolate the space between its R/P fields (labelled: hell, third-world & sub-consciousness) and to use it as a hiding place, or garbage dump, for everything whose return he fears. A risky method, as it eliminates the responsibility, but not the contents and their relativities which, thus unattended, can unfold dynamics that corrupt the virtues which have served his Selfrealisation attempts.


Courage, steadfastness and flexibility, are virtues, that assist the performance of existence and thus the realization of ConsciousNess.

These virtues turn into vices, where (notably in the Occident) cannon-fodder is considered courageous, civil servants firm, brave the working class hero, flexible the opportunists, righteous the blind and virtuous those who serve the powers of the weak. And power gets corrupted too, by those who consider it to be a danger to their weaknesses, as well as by the weak who try to gain power through them.

Which is not to say that power has become obsolete – in contrary, there is a growing epidemic of so called world-, market-, media- & other powers of the powerless, who seem to thrive on the hope that weakness + weakness = power, from where probably stems also the notion of a “will to power”, which is, besides perverting will as well as power – because will is power – no more but a wishful thinking of the weak, that more often than not drives them into wars.

But war is obviously not limited to the weak forces of ConsciousNess, as there have been plenty of cultures who practiced it without religious, moral, economical, racist, political or ideological excuses, but worshiped – in view of their gods, arts & epics – war as an expression of ConsciousNess and their powerful and mighty as representatives of its lust and joy of existence.

Power implies capability – and the performance of existence requires a capability that is associated with pride, which in turn connotes a nobility that manifests in dignity & generosity – characteristics that have enabled the beast to create splendorous cultures and at the same time to appreciate the capabilities of animal beasts. As a matter of fact, many cultures praised the capabilities and characteristics of animal beasts – as well as of wind, water, volcanoes, trees, planets and other aspects of existence – in temples, myths and works of art, as expressions of ConsciousNess

But the praising of that which is (existence) corrupted to a pricing of what Homo would like to have – i.e. to be – so that nowadays everything has gotten a price, which not only perverts the manifestations of Consciousness, but their interrelationships as well, and degrades existence to a marketplace where Homo commercializes everything he can lay hands on – his women and children included.


In every R/P system the projection has been given male and the reflection female attributes. Thus, when man tried to reflect his origin, it became a female goddess, or mother nature, and when, in order to assert himself, he began to project the male attributes into his intermediate viewpoint, he became the origin of all evil and woman the sufferer of it.

Classic examples are the marriage of Osiris/Horus & Isis and the (god) father/son relationship of Christianity, where Mary had to pay for their identity crisis and woman became the altar of the schizophrenia of man. And still is – despite his equal-rights-propaganda – because the only right he concedes is for her to adapt to his preconceptions and to let herself accordingly be treated, traded, evaluated – and of course be blamed for his failures, since it is shame with which he has chained her in all cultures, ages and R/P systems to his schemes – especially those of his confused loves and sexes.

It was in the Orient where the awareness emerged, that psycho-somatic dispolarisations are also brought about by ill handlings of sex, and that they can be remedied with it as well – and, more over, that sex can also be useful to achieve SelfConsciousNess. Consequently oriental cultures developed sexual techniques to restore and to maintain the psycho-somatic balance and health (which are interdependent too).

In the beginning of the 20th century the British OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis) introduced, under the guidance of Aleister Crowley, a selection of respective techniques and rites into the Occident, in order to rearrange its fractured and confused consciousnesses and to mend the discrepancies between its males and females. A formidable task, considering the morals and demonizing sex had suffered during two millennium of Christianity.

Notwithstanding, it took only a few decades for this wonderful tool to get widely appreciated – and thus into new problems. Because the popularization of sex brought also the merchants along, and thus an opportunistic and uncritical proliferation of methods and treatises that had already gotten mistreated by Hindu puritans and Victorian translators. And then there came those, who in the name of science, analyzed, rationalized & banalized sex, followed by the ones who politicized it, in order to redistribute their problems – and of course to the burden of the woman.

That females prefer strong sex-partners is interpret by (male) scientists as being fundamental for the procreation of the fittest (male) genes, ignoring that it might be the promise of a good orgasm, which is usually accompanied by the experience of unity.

Sexual energy arises from the polarization of the male & female poles of the psycho-somatic relativity.

In the alternating and the contrary R/P, the male & female poles are considered to be complementary and Love to be the force of their relativity.

In Dualism, i.e. in the Occident and its Christianity, love is represented by a dove that flutters between god & man and heaven & earth – and just as fluttery are the loves of its males and females. The high- & low flights given to them by its poets, are rarely more but attempts to promote their emotions as binding forces -manoeuvres to hide their divisions and disorders.

The variety of the sexual practices of homo correspond to his psycho-somatic dis-polarisations, and where he dispolarises himself with the feedback-mechanism of the intellect he tends to downgrade sex as an evolution-mechanism.

It is recommendable to design the sexual act according to ones Love & Will and to perform it with every man & woman – and preferably ritualistically, because rituals further the concentration and the enthusiasm (Greek: full of God) and thus SelfConsciousNess – and last not least: the joy of existence.


Worship existence is a major demand of LAL and a topical one, since existence has become a commodity for attempts to realize oneself through possessions.

Such attempts can be found in every R/P system. In the alternating, they are usually put at the service of its collectives, which in turn reward him, who tries to realize himself in such manner, with a reputation that seems to give him an identity. Hence the Orient brought fourth cultures which were able to sustain themselves without immoderate copying & looting.

In the contrary R/P system, attempts to realize oneself through possessions brought about object- & people cults, of whom many were to become models for the Occident, which thus was never able to achieve an identity, but instead developed outstanding copying & ransacking skills that lead to an overabundance of viewpoints & objects – more so, since in Dualism the possession-relationship turns into an auto-division/multiplication of subject & object.

In the Orient these possibilities were obviously latent too, considering its innumerable thinkers who tried to regulate the possession-complex with social & political constructs and to restrain it with philosophies, religions & cosmologies.

Whereas in the Occident there have – with the exception of categorical denials – almost no countermeasures been taken. And its thinkers reacted – if at all – only when the fusions & fissions of the possession-complex effected extraordinary disturbances in its collectives and thus threatened the mirror rooms of the thinkers. And even then, they confined their responses to distribution- & redistribution theories, which – as division/multiplication variants – were unable to restrain this process, or to turn it into a self-sufficient relationship. Which in any case would have been quite difficult, as its positions and values change erratically and are moved by emotions that are obviously stronger than the reasons the thinkers boast of, considering their readiness to succumb to the possession complex, to promote it as a progress & law of nature and to encourage its commercial & political executive to export and to impose it upon other cultures. Of course no longer with colonial methods, which are in the age of globalization obsolete, since the possession complex engenders plentiful medias to infect and to corrupt them with liberal-, economic-, democratic- & whatever suitable ideologies.

Might be its promoters hope that if the possession-complex takes over their entire world, there will be no space left for other abstructs – and thus a kind of unity and order might take place. If so, no one seems to contemplate of what such order might consist – certainly not the values & measures that have constituted the possession-complex, as they are deteriorating too.

Moreover, the frantic out pour of updates, substitute schemes, statistics, consumer values & market strategies, their rapidly shrinking half-lives and the proportional increasing helplessness & disorientation of its servants, indicate that the possession-complex is about to devour itself.


Homo bases most of his deeds & concepts on emotions despite his awareness (in all epochs, regions & R/P systems) that emotions enslave him and moreover endanger his existence by inciting him to wars and other forms of suicide.

(Emotions are considered to be time/space motions of the Reflections/Projections and thus to be weak forces of ConsciousNess)

That Homo favours emotions in his strive to realize himself, is probably because they seem to relate him in time/space und thus to verify his existence.

Like all his weaknesses, Homo justifies his emotions too, claiming that they are essential for his survival as well as for being human, which might be also the reason for his belief that emotions make up a “person” (Latin: mask of actor). A belief which has reached religious scales, considering that all the lost, the losers & those who want to play a role in life, make – with the help of media & commerce – ever more spectacles of their emotions, thus turning them into the most popular & successful self-deception-tool of modern times.

Despite being weak forces of ConsciousNess, emotions can also influence the interrelationships of its manifestations to such a degree that a particular time/space appears to be dominated by particular emotions and particular emotions to be typical for a particular epoch and region.

The most misleading emotions – in regard to Selfrealisation – are wishes & desires as, being substitutes of Will & Love, they stir the belief of Homo to be able to be something else than he is: a dispolarisation-field, which thus gets boosted and eventually brings about those wish- & escape-cultures whose inevitability he tries to cover up with progress-ideologies. A danger that is not new, considering  Buddha’s efforts to get rid of wishes & desires and those of Confucius who tried to direct them to the welfare of the collective. That both failed, is mostly because the followers of Buddha tried to transcend them, while those of Confucius tried to benefit from them. Similar experiments can be also found in the Occident. But they led, due to its dual/linear dynamics, to a proliferation of wishes & desires, until– at least since LAL – it was considered more effective to legitimate them and to let them loose on their own moral, social and whatever values and abstructs. A brilliant move, because destroying them eliminates also wishes & desires, since they feed on their formations.

Nevertheless, emotions can be useful too when, in face of all that, scorn and anger arise, inflaming the desire to get rid of this “ill ordered house” (LAL III-11) and if they are joined by pride and the lust to fight, the much the better, as they enable to attack vigorous and joyful all that which obstructs Selfrealisation.

One of the major obstacles is fear, as it impedes the interactivity of psyche & soma, and has thus to be attacked without mercy, and best by doing everything that provokes and drives it to its limits.

Most emotions are escape-motions, which turn into aggressions as soon as they approach their limits – wherefore it is recommendable to chase the escapee so that he may reach his tail and devour himself.

An emotion definitely to be gotten rid of is commiseration, since sharing the miseries of the weak does not make them stronger – nor the one who tries to upgrade himself in such manner.


Hoping to be able to teach the weak is hoping to be able to escape ones own weaknesses.

The strong can not be a model for the weak, because they do not see him.  All they see are the leaders of their weaknesses – and only after having them elevated on crosses and monuments.

It is the weak who violate the weak – the strong have neither space nor time for such.

Where the weak gather, Life-is-suffering- & commiseration-concepts thrive.

Suffering concepts stem probably from the awareness that every manifestation of ConsciousNess strives to realize itself, and the assumption that it is miserable until it has achieved it.

Suffering is the joy of the divided, and their weaknesses are the strength of its growth.

Sparing the weak inhibits the force of Will & Love.

When Will becomes weak, Love deteriorates to compassion, the breading ground of we-are-all-the-same & same-rights-for-all-ideologies, which are also attempts to unite and to order, but they are illogical, self deceptive & unpractical – and what’s more: they are denials of the individual (lat: the undivided) and its (only) right (and obligation) to realize itself according to its Love & Will.

“Love others like thyself” is a contradiction, as it requires knowledge of oneself – and where this is there are no others.


Collective-images are used by their designers to define and to confirm themselves and are thus parasitic self-images.

When parasitic self-images reach their particular limits, they devour also those who try to realize themselves this way. And when, in order to avoid such fate, the reflected & the projected are divided, parasitic relationships within parasitic relationships come about and an interdependence that leads to a collective collapse.

That parasitic self-images are more popular than ever and their designers held in high esteem, is because those who don’t create own images do serve others – a relationship that is cultivated by parasites in order to secure their supplies. In the alternating R/P mode this is quite easy, as they only need to convince those who feed them, that through recycling (reincarnation) they eventually are going to become consumers too. The parasites of the contrary R/P nourish themselves through its contradictions, as these bring fourth more viewpoints (opinions) and respective servants, while simultaneously hiding their parasitic projections & reflections. In Dualism and its linear relationships the latter is hardly needed, since it suffices to declare its parasitic relationships as a genetic, evolutionary or cultural inevitability – which is certainly true where the possession- and the parasitic relationships determine a culture. Its growth can be measured by the number of laws with which it tries to regulate its inter dependencies and the mutual devouring of its parasites, whereas the reaching of its limits is marked by an exhaustion of its resources, the hyper-production of artifacts and raving consumption.

Having no Point-of-View, collectives relate themselves through the viewpoints of their members. Attempts of the latter to substitute the lacking Point-of-View with a god, a leader or central computer, bring about conglomerates of viewpoints & opinions (famed as culture & civilization) but no unity.

With the complexity of a collective increases also the complexity of its language, at least as far as it serves the orientation- & identification needs of its members. Some claim it to be a symptom of them becoming more civilized –  and quite right so, since for the non-civilized suffice a few and simple words to relate themselves and their environs, whereas the civilized use lots of words to express their helplessness and lack of orientation.

Communication is in the continuum of ConsciousNess an interactivity of information that is instant. The instantaneousness disappears in time/space, where communication becomes subject to emotions and/or the fragmentations of the intellect, is misused for self-affirmation attempts, the feeding of possession-complexes and of the disinformation-enterprises that flourish (due to the dual/linear dynamics of Dualism) particularly in Occidental collectives and their medias.

Communication is reciprocal – i.e. one receives what one gives & vice versa – and thus only effective amongst individuals who complement each other.

It is not the amount of information that determines a communication but its contents, which has to be unity related otherwise communication brings about confusion.

Some collective-designers claim their images to be bound by memory – obviously in order to give their collectives a touch of coherency, as there is no known way of memorizing that enables to unite a crowd.

Memory reflects the projection of a reflection. It is mostly used to recall the labels, symbols, terminologies, frameworks and emotions tagged onto the projected, in order to relate, orientate and identify oneself. The repetition of such Selfrealization-attempt effects memory rooms, which turn into labyrinths when their mirrors are not unity-oriented, or/and arranged in accordance with the pole position of the psycho-somatic relativity. Their confusion increases through the time/space-motions of him who tries to relate himself in such manner, as well as through the emotions which infiltrate with the memorized and those which arise during this process.

And there is the – in Magic and Oriental cults customary – ritual memory, whose mirrors are arranged in patterns that further the Self-realisation process. It is also used to explore other R/P dimensions, in which case the mirrors are handled like doors.

Collectives are (innately) against the realization of the individual (undivided). The “individuals” promoted by the psychologists, philosophers, medias and consumer-strategists of Occidental collectives, are actors who lure with the lie that Self-realization may be achieved in their collective.

Collectives have, in all times and spaces, been feeding on the emotions of their members. Simple collectives evoke them with demons & taboos, stimulate them with gods of revenge & sacrifices and refresh them with recycling religions. In more complex collectives, like those of the Occident, emotions are being taken care of by the media responsible for advertisements, fashions, entertainments, the personality designs of their members, their manner of conduct & communication and, last not least, the fomenting of the emotions which support the ideologies & politics of their rulers and undermine critical positions. Yet it would be unfair to blame the rulers of the weak for their weaknesses since they are their representatives. Moreover, there are collective efforts to increase their weaknesses – most noticeable in the so called techno-societies, who spare no effort to invent & produce gadgets, which are to take over the life-functions & responsibilities of their members and turn them into programmable and predictable Homos.


In the 18th century, Carl von Linne, a Swedish classifying specialist, came up with a new category of Homo, which he labelled Sapiens – “wise” – apparently to distinct it from the former and to give it a superior touch. If so, erroneously, as being wise was applied to the one who has common sense and relates himself through his particular Point of View, or – as the priest of Ptah put it – through the cognition of his heart.  Whereas Sapiens – being a product of Dualism – has neither common sense nor an individual (undivided) Point of View, wherefore he tries (unsuccessfully) to relate himself with the help of a feedback-mechanism called intellect.

In Dualism intellect acts as a double-feedback mechanism which, when applied to the there from emanating viewpoints, becomes a division/ multiplication process (renown as rationalism), that brings about a dual-linear procession of viewpoints, but no self- i.e. unity-related position.

Attempts to inhibit this process(ion) through a 3rd position, or virtual viewpoint, can be found in the alternating and contrary R/P system as well, but both contain the possibility of an identification with this viewpoint and thus of an integration of the others. Whereas in the Geometry of Dualism, this position, or viewpoint, appears separate as well and thus initiates, in conjunction with the intellect, an auto-fragmentation process.

Greek philosophers & geometricians, who already encountered this process, expected it to be limited by a Smallest and a Largest, and thus bring about a union of micro- & macrocosm. These hopes got thwarted by Sapiens, when he placed the intellect into his cerebellum and thus made himself to the centre of the fragmentation process, whose dual linear dynamic forces him to carry it on into opposite directions, which led him so far to the two Smallest that mark the boundaries of his uni(or di)verse – but not to the end of the fragmentation process, as each of these Smallest is a time/space-event of it. Moreover, he furthers this process, by furnishing each of the events (which are actually the same) with attributes & measurements, in order to fix them (and the process) and to place them at its (hopefully smallest) beginnings.

Sapiens calls the procession of viewpoints “evolution” and claims it to be a principle of nature – ignoring that it estranges him from the psycho-somatic relativity of Homo and the environ (Nature) he emerged from and that it turns him into a freak who exploits, plunders & rapes his “mother”.  A perversion he tries to justify with Genesis & Genetics, evolution & survival dogmas, while dismissing her reactions – or what he calls “natural disasters” – as errors & accidents of an unconscious mechanism, despite biological evidence that every organism rejects intruders who endanger its balance & health (which might explain his refusal to treat nature as a living entity).

By mistreating Nature in every conceivable way, Sapiens not only undermines his life-foundation, but his self-realization-possibilities as well.

If evolution & survival were basic principles of existence, Sapiens would and could not make so many efforts to ruin it. Yet, since existence is to realize Conscious Ness, he might also be subject of an annihilation of the aberrations of its Self-realization process. An aspect Sapiens obviously is not aware of, as he stuffs his children with the reasons, beliefs & vices he suffers, forcing them to spend their youth in indoctrination camps were they are taught to justify, feed, sublimate & globalize his Self-deception.

With adjectives like objective & real, Sapiens tries to legitimize his dualistic perspective and its “virtual” viewpoint.

Having difficulties superimposing one of his realities onto another one – i.e. replacing an illusion that he considers a reality with another one – Sapiens tries to convert his environs into symbols, numbers & formulas and to transplant them into his virtual reality.

It would be a drag if there were an absolute reality a la Sapiens, since he is not only self restrictive, but also self destructive, which in turn is an aspect of the auto-division/ multiplication of the Dualism he represents.

There might be as many realities as there are R/P possibilities – and as many attempts to confine or to exclude one or the other in order to fix the psycho-somatic relativity.

To differentiate and to compare realities are mirror-games, since they are aspects of one and the same process that only differs in its particular perspectives.

By trying to cover every aspect of ConsciousNess with his evolution-cloud, Sapiens deprives himself of experiencing the Here/Now aspect of existence and thus buries himself alive.

Backdating his birth 300000 years, Sapiens claims authority to discredit the histories of Homo – who (for example) imagined himself  having eaten apples in the garden of Eden and strolling with beautiful women through splendorous palaces – as fictions and to depict him as a dark primitive creature which spends its life caves, gnawing bones and clubbing its neighbours. Thus Sapiens not only discredits his own “evolution”, he therewith tries to demonstrate, but also demolishes a manner of self-design which has served Homo throughout ages. The latter probably unintentional, as there is no indication that Sapiens has become aware of the time-space-relationships of his stories and thus has no more use for them. In contrary, he seems to become increasingly dependent on them, considering the flood of stories he spins about his uni- & di-verses, about earth, flora, fauna and of course about himself – not to mention his innumerable scientific undertakings to prove that each version is the ultimate, the true & real one.

Sapiens calls his stories (histories) objective, despite that they are, according to his separate viewpoint, subjective – at least until his dual/linear views meet in the infinite. In such case it is no longer a time/space history, but a Here/Now event.

Sapiens regards the growing numbers and complexities of his views & opinions as growth of ConsciousNess, but ConsciousNess is only in so far quantitative that it contains All – and herein such measurements disappear.

Sapiens is not an evolution but a confusion of ConsciousNess.

Sapiens has gotten into the habit of blaming Homo for his own incompetent & incoherent self-realization attempts.

Due to his dual setup, Sapiens treats his surroundings as being separate and is thus bound to analyze them – a bondage he glorifies as science.

One of the tasks of the sciences of Sapiens is to transform his offences against the laws of the gods of Homo into laws of nature, probably hoping thus to excuse his abominable behaviour and to justify his pretence of being her governor.


Science is to record the interrelationship of the manifestations of ConsciousNess. When science isolates a manifestation and treats it as an autonomous phenomena, quest becomes its drive, and as the time/space between the searcher and the object of search is determined by the prior, the latter stays (despite being present) mostly hidden, which brings about more searches (and re-searches) and many of the preposterous abstructs which disfigure the landscape of ConsciousNess and are adored as monuments of science.

Isolating a manifestation inhibits the cognition that it is an in-formation which reveals the point of view that relates it.

The constellations of the manifestations of ConsciousNess are complementary, their reciprocal changes – i.e. interactivity – maintain the balance of existence.

Existence is to realize ConsciousNess – not to improve or to repair any of its aspects. That Occidental scientists try to proof the opposite (& themselves) is foolish, because thus they not only isolate the observed, but the observer (i.e. themselves) as well. Isolation is a time/space inversion, and quite a few cultures which made such arrogance to their measure and credo have disappeared in it.

Occidental science tries to bind that which it divides and thus thrives best in Dualism.

Occidental scientists cherish the feedback mechanism of the intellect, as it seems to reassure a manifestation and, when applied repeatedly, even to be able to fix it – apparently not noticing that isolating manifestations interrupts their interactivity.

Occidental science uses evolution theory and its procreation- & survival variants to conceal its discontinuities.

Progress- & evolution ideologies are symptomatic for the dispolarisation  and disintegration of psycho-somatic relativities. The merging with fellow-sufferers (or fellows of creed) might alter the time/space conditions of the decay, but not its dynamics, which may be compared to those of the black holes of astrophysics – except that not objects, but their interrelationships disappear.

Some sciences try to recover abstructs which have disappeared in the “holes” of  collective amnesia and other escapisms, ignoring that when a manifestation dissolves, its time/space disappears as well.

Occidental philosophies claim to have established truth and reality, and Occidental sciences to have proven and confirmed them. Both ignore those of the Orient – the philosophers because they can’t comprehend them, and the scientists because the truths & realities of the Orient don’t need scientific confirmations, since subject & object, i.e. the creator & the created, complement each other in the alternating R/P system.

Occidental scientists crown themselves with dynamite (Nobel) laurels, involuntarily reminding, that they are loading their universe with enough explosives to blow it up for good. A possibility which frequently becomes a real threat, and – as it contradicts their evolution & survival ideologies –  receives innumerable excuses & explanations, except that it might be a short circuit, or the ultimate ratio, of a (literally) Self-destructive abstruct.

LAL calls it “ill ordered house”, but penitentiary (from penance: self-punishment) would be suitable too, considering the legions of technologists who, under the guidance of science, construct myriads of apparatuses & instruments to optimize/ improve its walls, which are guarded by philosophers & ideologists who justify, glorify & universalize its fatality, not to mention the anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists & other repair-logists, who try to make it escape proof – and all of them with such blind faith & zeal, that no one seems to notice, that this monstrosity is about to reach its critical mass (mess) and thus might – according to the gravity of its sciences – collapse as well

But all these scenarios – even those of gradual change – are subject to the polarization-dynamic of ConsciousNess.

As Dualism approaches its innate limits, the polarization-dynamic intensifies and accelerates the division/multiplication and fragmentation of its manifestations.

The polarization-dynamic is not a blind force, since LAL III introduces Ra-Hoor-Khu also as a war god who makes it a personal affair to attack that which impedes and to promote that which enforces Selfrealization.


Every R/P system, epoch, culture & generation brings fourth warriors to cleanse and fortify itself. They appear in drabs of saints, uniforms of generals or cloaks of magicians, their weapons are swords, letters, mantras, invocations, mathematical formulas, as well as electric guitars and Molotov cocktails.

The warrior is to counteract the proliferation (or globalisation) of weaknesses – i.e. to stabilize the equation of strong & weak forces.

The complexities & corruptions of Dualism call for the use of guerrilla tactics and that the he operates alone and from a position which he keeps secret and which serves as his retreat to study the weaknesses and traps of his opponents. He may use their deception tactics and tricks to confuse them, but his attack ought to be precise and swift like a snake. He has to pay attention not to rush past his target, or to idle in it, but to retreat in the same manner and without leaving unnecessary (e.g.: personal) traces.

He ought not to return to the target of his attack in order to reassure his success, because an act that is questioned is incomplete, i.e. imperfect.

He has to avoid open confrontation (like argumentation), nor should he try to convert, seek followers, or play hero.

The warrior is not to attack Dualism, but its ill breeding. He is to be guided by Love & Will – and if he chooses by the Egyptian war god, but not by his desire for revenge, as it is to stir the fires of the weak and of their weaknesses, which the warrior lightens so that they may purify themselves (and their gods!).

 Liber Al vel Legis:

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The following texts are leftover from the compilation titled “Selfconsciousness”. They have no order other than their by chance appearance from piles of manuscripts accumulated between 1994 & 2007. Some words and spellings have particular meanings that are explained in „Consciousness“, which, presenting the main work, ought to be studied first.

As ConsciousNess is continuous and thus without time/space or life priorities, the demand of LAL I to worship Khabs (connotes: existence) is not to be taken as course-corrections, but as basic modes of Selfrealization.

The strong force of ConsciousNess (i.e. Will & Love) expresses in the lust of existence and in the joy of its performance.

Be strong, do not succumb to thy creation, but encompass it, love it as Thyself – be affirmative in thy actions, do not divide nor multiply – be as Thou art – praise Thy being, love ThySelf.

One cannot change Oneself – but one can change the frameworks that define & confine Oneself.

Passionate seekers of Self should be honored, but not overvalued, since everyone is (aware or not) striving for SelfConciousNess.

Every individual is a microcosm, and as such has to exercise vigorously its possibilities, more so, since the interaction of microcosms enriches the macrocosm.

Self-design seems to give existence a meaning and a purpose. To belittle it as a vain & illusive past-time, is to ignore that the meaning & purpose of existence is what one does and does what one is.

There is the propaganda that self-images are breeding grounds of sorrow  – but that is a self-image as well.

Every creator – be it thinker, magician, artist or scientist – is unique, until he submits himself and/or his creation to collectives – since they absorb and thus eliminate (with or without intend) the unique.

Rulers of collectives become their enemies, when they realize that the collective impedes their Self-realization attempts. In such cases they often try to affirm and  realize themselves through the destruction of the collective.

The communications of collectives are pursuits of common denominators, reduced to the exchange of possession & orientation related information and, last not least, of the emotions of its members (which would explain why soaps and sensations have become favourites of the medias).

Emotions seem also to be in vogue where statistics & mass values have become the primary nourishment of  collectives – probably because emotions are easily aroused with catchwords (like: rich, race, revolution).

The hostility of LAL II & III towards humanity is an expression of the scorn and the pride of the strong and courageous, of him who dares to confront and to overcome his weaknesses & limitations – and humanity concepts are part of them. Despite that LAL is foremost designed for the Occident – namely its Dualism – Book I & II present also Self-realization modes which are practiced in Taoism, Buddhism, Zen and other schools of the Orient .The apparent hostility of RHK to the latter, is (so to speak) nothing personal, but simply an expression of the fact that they are unintelligible to the R/P modes of Dualism.

The frequent use of “I” in LAL III might give the impression that the old-Egyptian god is responsible for its terrifying visions. But Ra-Hoor-Khu is a polarisation dynamic and “I” its personification.

The polarisation dynamic intensifies as an R/P system approaches its limits.

All limits are basically dualistic and reached by dualistic means.

Duality is not a prerogative of Dualism, but innate to all R/P systems.

Ra-Hoor-Khu represents the polarisation dynamic of ConsciousNess, as well as its persona juridical who searches & destroys that which impedes the Selfrealisation-process.

The persona juridical manifests in every R/P system and is generally considered a persona problematical as it evokes that which it is to eliminate.

Assuming that ConsciousNess is All, does not necessarily conclude that All is One, since very manifestation of ConsciousNess contains an unknown factor, which – when known – becomes another manifestation – thus multiplicity is born. Multiplicity is the cradle of differentiation – differentiation is subject to the R/P modes – their viewpoints cause restrictions – restriction retards Selfrealisation.

Attempts to reverse this process are many and differ according to the R/P modes – but rarely seem to make it past EGO.

EGO (which connotes here also Energy Geometrical Opposed)  is a closed circuit that consists of 8 R/P poles with 2 viewpoints which relate them in a cube-like manner, analogous to the dimension that confines the Occident.

When the two viewpoints check each other, a pseudo-self-consciousness comes about that has deceived Homo in all hemispheres & ages and been the cause of most of his troubles – particularly concerning his Selfrealisation quest. A paradox which many of the wise have tried to solve and in many different ways – though mostly in the Orient, whose alternating R/P mode facilitates dealing with paradoxes, whereas the dual-linear approach of the Occident tends to complicate them.

EGO is also subject to the polarization-dynamic of Ra-Hoor-Khu, who, due to his Egyptian origin, represents moreover the contrary R/P mode, which enables to eliminate one of the 2 viewpoints and thus turn EGO into a R/P dynamic that relates itself through one viewpoint at a time (not to be confused with the Point of View of SelfConsciousNess).

As war god Ra-Hoor-Khu incites the “healthy instincts” (Nietzsche) of the beast to get rid of the rubbish Homo has accumulated during two millennia of Dualism and last not least, of its protagonist Sapiens, who spreads cancer-like through the cultures of the other R/P systems and corrupts them with the fears, the avarices and that vile emotions that emanate from separation & differentiation and have, so to speak, become his trademarks.

Nevertheless, it would be unjust to blame Sapiens, after all he is but an epitome of Dualism and thus subject to a polarisation dynamic that increases (according to the dual-linear relativity of  Dualism) at an exponential rate – which he glorifies as progress and evolution, ignoring that it drives him into dissolution. But ignorance is no excuse and should not call for mercy, particularly since he seems bend to take every form of life with him.

The EGO mode of Ra-Hoor-Khu is only applicable in Dualism – it makes him who understands to handle its two sides (or viewpoints) as one, to the ruler of All (the dimension of Dualism) – and destroys the inapt user.

EGO is the favorite operation field of the Self-designer & the Warrior, as it enables to eliminate that which opposes and to crystallize that which supports the Selfrealisation.

The Self-designer & the Warrior complement each other, since the latter is to protect the work of the former – particularly where the weak forces of ConsciousNess encroach upon its landscape and pollute the environment of the psycho-somatic relativity of the individual.

Self-design is practiced in every R/P system (see: Buddha, Moses & Freud) and an option for him who is unable to realize himself in Dualisms and has difficulties with the Selfrealisation envisioned & practiced in the Orient.

In the Occident it has become fashionable to import & copy Oriental self-design techniques & corresponding images, despite that they are based on cosmologies that differ profoundly from those of the Occident; moreover, every microcosm is bound to its macrocosm (& vice versa) and mixing cosmologies or R/P systems brings about confusion.

In the Orient, ConsciousNess manifests as Maya and as Reality.
Maya is generally translated as illusion, but delusion is more proper, since Maya connotes a world of make-belief, that enjoys great popularity – contrary to Reality which is considered to be omnipresent, but only accessible to a few and unintelligible to Maya.

Although they are considered being complementary, those familiar with both aspects state that Reality cannot be grasped with the psycho/somatic faculties that make up the Dimension of Maya.

A paradox that has kept for millennia innumerable Oriental thinkers & sages busy –  more so, since it leads by close examination – particularly with the feedback mechanism of the intellect – to more paradoxes.

And as paradoxical is the relationship of the Orient and the Occident, as latter insists that its scientific and philosophical Weltbild is the one and only reality – and the Oriental reality a phantasmagoria of Maya.

That the thinkers of the East seem not to bother with this new paradox, is possibly because they are still busy to resolve their (4000 years) old ones – and most probably, because to them Dualism is the essence of Maya. Whereas the thinkers of the West seem to belief to have solved the problem by ignoring or denying half of the equation and by monopolizing & globalizing the other half.

Sapiens calls his stories (histories) objective, despite that they are, according to his separate viewpoint, subjective – at least until the dual linear parallels meet in the infinite. But in such case it is no longer a time/space history, but a Here/Now event.

Due to his separate (virtual) viewpoint, Sapiens relates to his environ analytically and arranges the resulting fragments in linear ways.

To derive knowledge from the known is to chew the cud of the known, as every factor known is set off by a factor unknown, which is infinite, otherwise there were nothing to be known.

Self is the vessel of All and thus hidden in it.
It is without knowledge of its beginnings, nor does it envision its ends.

Past & future are time/space fragments – or random experiences – of Here/Now.

Every manifestation comprises poles that determine its time/space. The poles unite in Here/Now, which thus functions as a transformation point of the manifestation.

Every constellation has a particular structure which complements its circumstances, i.e. the constellations related to it.

Pole-constellations change according to their circumstances – and vice versa – an interactivity that is continuous.

When a constellation dissolves, its components become part of another constellation.

The formation- & dissolution phases of the constellations of ConsciousNess are concurrent.

The manifold manifestations of existence demonstrate the manifold Selfrealisation-possibilities of ConsciousNess.

ConsciousNess is a self-complementary continuum.

All is conscious – but there those who are not aware of it.

The constellations of the manifestations of ConsciousNess are complementary, their reciprocal changes – i.e. interactivity – maintain the continuum of existence.

When a constellation of ConsciousNess dissolves, its components become part of another constellation. The transition phase is commonly called “nothing” and interpret as an absence of existence. However, there is no absence of existence, but only an absence of its coherence, or (local time/space) interruption of its continuity.

altered 16.03.17

In the Occident circulates the myth that it is experiencing a new age. But considering the growing paranoia, avarice, corruption & disorientation of its subjects, the decay of an old age, or as Spengler put it: the decline of western civilization, seems rather to be the case. A process that will probably continue until Dualism has covered the last “corner” of its (linear) world and devoured the last of its adherents.

According to Ra-Hoor-Khu, it is a blessing, since (as the Taoist would say) the process is the way – yet, a rather mixed blessing, particularly for those subject to the social, economical, technological, scientific & ideological dogmas of the Occident, as they increase their helplessness & disorientation and decrease the common sense which more often than not has helped mankind to navigate its shallows.

Contrary to his claim, adaptation is not a virtue of Sapiens, as he obviously  tends to escape, in particular from a nature that is neither created by, nor for him and more so, from his growing self-realization-problems which, by the way, he claims to be a law of nature too.

Sapiens & and Occidental science were borne around the same time & location, and not surprisingly so, as they are products of each other and both are products of Dualism.

Sapiens is not the avant-garde of an evolution, or the crown of creation, but a dis-polarisation field.

Homo´s identity rites begin with children copying the parents and them teaching the children – an interactivity which brings about complex social interrelationships & abstructs, but no identity.

Indifference seems to reduce confusion and sometimes even imparts a feeling of unity, since in this state everything appears to be more or less the same. However, indifference is symptomatic for a lack of the force of Will & Love, as it is the latter that makes every manifestation of ConsciousNess unique.

The emotion of yearning arises between parallel R/P fields and is a search for identity that usually leads to an attempt to take sides with one or the other, thus making room for more R/P fields.

Overlapping R/P fields muddle up emotions and give rise to mysticism.

Emotions may be used as weapons against emotions, particularly where shock-effects are required.

When emotions become to much for Homo to handle, his psychologists & moralists place them into sub-conscious & sinful regions, enabling to regard himself as their victim as well.
(Sub-consciousness denotes here the interference- or dispolarisation fields that veil ConsciousNess)

Homo claims not to be able, when he does not want to – and vice versa.

The only liberty Homo has is to deprive himself of it.

The more confused and Self-estranged Homo gets, the more he seeks refuge in possessions and religions.

Homo threatening his kind with death comes mainly from his fear of death – and of life as well.

The gods of collectives are to focus the emotions of their members – which is probably why so many gods are angry and vengeful, since no creature, of whatever status & origin, likes being the scapegoat of the crowd.

A collective moral development is wishful thinking, as with it develop also the parasitic interrelationships that corrupt it.

Opportunism & corruption are side effects of a lack of viewpoint, which often lead to a reverse of values – more so where values serve as substitutes for viewpoints.

Those without a Point of View try to justify their viewpoints (opinions, believes).

Where fear is not already dominating a collective it is evoked by its rulers, since collectives are easily manipulated with fear – more so in combination with hope.

Fear restricts the interactivity of psyche & soma.

Hope & fear disappear also as soon as one realizes to be his creator.

Self-design is a way of Self-realization, and it is foolish of Homo to assume to be the only one who exercises this possibility of ConsciousNess and a self-deception as well, which prevents him to partake in the splendorous artistry of nature and her lust & joy of existence.

Existence- or life-concepts, have particular patterns regarding their limits, and every culture has its shamans, magicians, priests, alchemist, philosophers or scientists to manipulate these patterns – i.e. to modify undesired courses. Some cultures are apparently aware that all patterns are interactive, as they made laws which regulate the manipulations & interventions and punish errors & violations – sometimes even with death. The most common (sense) law is that the manipulator coordinates first of all his micro- & macro cosmos, in order to get an overall view and to avoid that already his preparations turn into a division/multiplication process with unforeseeable courses & results. However, even where they correspond with the intent, the manipulator becomes part of the altered pattern and – if he has not foreseen this due to a lack of cognition & understanding – a victim of his intervention.

Individuals that relate macrocosms – in LAL called stars – appear in all R/P systems and are interpret according to their cultures and collective images. In some they are taken for gods or supermen and in others for saints, geniuses or fools. There are stars that engage in arts or sciences, others choose religions or warfare. Some comport like show-stars, while others prefer anonymity. There are those who try to reveal their dimensions, or origins with words and letters, and those who try to hide them by the same means – because not all stars are benevolent, and less so the interests in them, as there are some who like to get hold of their powers and others who try to get rid of them. In the Orient the latter is rare since most of its stars are engaged in the welfare of its collectives and are thus highly respected. Furthermore, most of them are members of Yoga, Tantra, Zen and similar schools, whose rigorous disciplines have little leeway to develop petty motives.

The Occident had quite a few star-schools too, using mostly Oriental methods and disciplines. That they have been occult (lat: hidden) was mainly because their teachers & students risked losing their lives on the altars of Christian prejudice & superstition. However, some might also have tried to hide their foolishness and misdeeds, because it is doubtful that all of them were able to handle the confusions of Dualism in whose midst they developed. The secrecy ended when the OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis) began to publicise its rites, rules & aims, and its head Aleister Crowley introduced himself to the public as master magician, mega-beast, king and prophet,  shocking its morals & customs with drug- & sex exhibits, which not only exposed their hang ups, but also demonstrated a way of realizing, or individualizing, oneself that was soon to be taken up by a whole generation and to revolutionize the Occident culture. It is hard to say if Crowley was aware of the whole scope of his actions, since their – i.e. his – trigger was “Liber Al vel Legis”, which he – according to his own statement – rejected at the time of its appearance (1904) and only began to understand after years of intensive study.

The “Book of the Law” has meanwhile been published all over the world, and its motto “Do what Thou will” has become as common (and little understood) as the formula of the relativity theory which, by the way, appeared around the same time and had similar effects on the physical concepts of the Occident. But there ends the similitude, because LAL reveals the dynamics of ConsiousNess and, as existence is a manifestation of it, the physical aspects and the related problems of Homo are of little importance..

It is said, that the appearance of LAL (1904) marked the beginning of a New Aeon. If so, it not only got a violent start but turned into a labyrinth of obstacles which are not god but man made. Yet the cognition of this, also facilitates the solution. And where the obstacles impede the cognition, the paradoxes of LAL II enable to solve this impasse in the intellect – and in case the feedback mechanism of the latter being blocked by emotions,  LAL III offers the polarisation dynamic of Ra-Hoor-Khu, so that the “god of war and vengeance” may gather them with threats, rites, promises, sacrifices (and whatever else befits a god) and lead them against their own adversaries.

As the polarization-dynamic intensifies, so does the militancy of the war-god, particularly in regard to the humanistic, social, religious, moral, metaphysical abstructs with which the weak try to relate & orientate themselves.

Despite that this process is confined to the Occident, its reference-fields & appendages and that  its world is dualistic and respectively limited – it is advisable to detach oneself (in a dualistic sense) from it, in order to avoid its death throes, as well as the temptation to interfere with its decay, which has already reached a stage where any action whatsoever is going to add to it.

It would be futile trying to predict the time & manner of the dissolution of the Occident, as it might gradually decay, as well as suddenly collapse. That it is going to disappear is certain, as it developed in a linear time/space which reaches inevitable (at least since the beginning of Dualism) its own end. And then there is going to be an end of all beginnings and of all the abstructs that originate from this R/P relationship – since it is the relationship which determines a formation.

Astral-travelers and those who induce altered states with drugs, will readily confirm that there are dimensions which are not based on the three R/P systems, and that there are manifestations of ConsciousNess which are not determined by them.

Some dimensions have arrangements that suggest solutions for the problems of Homo & Co – but the suggestions are hardly useful because of the innate differences of the viewpoints and their particular languages and symbols.

Many esoteric and otherworldly concepts discredit the mundane world, as they are (more often than not) designed and governed by Homos who have, or had, problems with the mundane (lat: belonging to the world). However, nobody was ever able solve his problems by trying to escape from them – i.e. himself.

Most escapist worlds are reactionary, sometimes even antagonistic to the mundane, and thus increase – as religions demonstrate – the problems of living in the present world.

Nevertheless, since all universes tend to unity – be it via genesis or genetics, linear or nonlinear geometrics, mathematical, mystical or whatever reference systems – it is recommendable to study their structures and dynamics, since Self-realization can also be brought about by their fusion.

Psycho-somatic relativities also realize themselves through duplication of their male & female poles. When the duplicate gets fixed, the poles form squares within whose R/P possibilities the realisation appears as a time/space-change that gives rise to conjectures like the duplicate might be coming from somewhere else (e.g. wind, water, etc) be the home of someone else (e.g. spirit, god, etc) be able to change the original, increase its tribe, war- & work forces, or serve the evolution and the survival of its species. The latter view is typical to the Occident, but can arise wherever the male pole is regarded to be the contrary, or opposite of the female pole, and the reflection of the latter to be an extension, or reproduction, of the male pole. However, all these concepts are loaded with emotions, since the pole-squares do not only provide space for direct mother-child and indirect sex-related emotions, but also for those which roam the R/P peripheries  and squeeze, on their search for unity, in between original and duplicate, in order to achieve unity through delimitation, thus effecting more psycho-somatic dis-polarisations and also many of the disfigurations which – legitimated by religions and philosophies – become the norms of a species, culture or civilisation.

That female beasts favour the males who copulate best, is also called selection – and quite correctly, since a good orgasm facilitates the participation in the continuum of existence and the experience of the unity of ConsciousNess. Unfortunate,  the sexual aspect of existence is about to disappear too, while selection theories become the survival ideologies of the male aspect and are used for the procreation of his weaknesses. But that is nothing new, after all man has, since he is aware of himself, invented religions, cosmologies and natural-laws to hide and to justify his shortcomings – and discriminated and misused women accordingly.

As religion has proven to be the most effective power tool it is of no surprise that medias try to adopt its methods too. So far mostly in form of object- & person-cults (idolatry). However they are already rummaging in the phobias of Sapiens, benefiting from his (dualism-based) fear and shame of a “corpus-dilicti” that has been for centuries successfully fed and explored by Christian priests. Wherefore it is no more but consequent, that the media-priests are getting into joint ventures with the medicine-priests – latter assigning (discovering) daily new illnesses and defects to the body while the medias stir & spread the respective fears in order to lure with salvation-promises in form of designer bodies and masks (for personality needs) while the medicine-men get to run the artifacts department, selling artificial hearts – limbs – tits – intestines – and whatever artifacts they offer – not to forget artificial insemination (procreation) and artificial life  & intelligence, which seem to be big hits amongst those who suffer from impotency, fear of life and from stupidity and whose numbers are steadily growing. For the so called intellectuals there are the gene- clone- & eternal-youth baits.

As emotions are shaky bonds, Sapiens subjects his collectives moreover to his rationalisms, which increases their confusion, since ratio (calculation) and emotions are in Dualism incompatible – despite that the time/space motions (emotions) of the Reflections/Projections and those of the feedback-mechanism of the intellect (essential for rationalism) differ only in their mirroring – but that appears only in a Point-of-View which is unknown in Dualism.

Structures that are founded on the faith of a collective, disappear with the faith of the collective in their founders.

Buddha tried to solve this problem by proclaiming himself identical with everybody and that his viewpoint and manner of self-realization is valid for all. However, not only Buddha, but everyone who tried this collective-trick, ignored that the individual realizes itself through its particular psycho-somatic relativity and therefore cannot set off a chain reaction. But “the illuminated one” was probably aware that collectives are mirrors of a psycho-somatic relativity and thus also multiplications of its dis-polarizations.

Each R/P system brings fourth mirror rooms, and some of them seem to be more complex than their subjects are able to handle – which might be one of the reasons for the prevailing of escape-philosophies & religions.

LAL is obviously designed for the mirror rooms (or dimension) of  the Occidental Dualism, although LAL I & II present the Inter/Extrapolation dynamic and basic principles of ConsciousNess, similar to  those pictured in the cosmologies & philosophies of the alternating & contrary R/P modes.

Being a closed circuit the dimension of Ego appears to be a world of its own, yet it is a mirror room, known to entrap many and to enable only few to escape – not for lack of intention, in contrary, attempts have been made in all ages & cultures, and there have been plenty of respective philosophies & schools and still can be found in the Orient, namely in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism & Zen.

As the four dimensional relativity of EGO is analogous to that which confines the Occident, its subjects tend to consider it as a unity – and since they cannot see anything else but their mirrors which divide & multiply according to the interactivity of the two viewpoints there is no end of such self-delusion in sight.

At least until the the application of the contrary R/P mode which enables one viewpoint to become omnipresent and thus relate all. However, this All is a mirror room as well, and blind to other dimensions – yet where “all is not ought” (LAL III -2) this substitute unity might serve as a base for Selfrealisation.

In LAL it is under the jurisdiction of the polarization dynamic of RHK, who refers to it as an “island” (III-4)

This island is not a playground for pretenders and confused minds who try to elevate and fix themselves with the term “I” (lat: ego)

“I” is a coordinate of the psycho/somatic relativity and probably the most confusing – despite that it is supposed to present unity – or at least who, where & what the user beliefs to be.

The worldwide increasing popularity of the common EGO is probably because its two viewpoints are used as time/space coordinates whereas its pseudo-self-consciousness appears as a kind of unity.
Unfortunately the EGO field is also used as garbage disposal (and hiding place) for the leftovers of failed Selfrealisation-attempts, identity dreams, personality abstructs, collective schemes and other rubbish.

Proportional to his growing confusion Sapiens seeks to create an artificial or virtual version of what he would like to be – obviously a programmable, predictable, easy serviceable creature, of course immortal and with the constitution of Marvel`s superman.

Most of the technologies of Sapiens stem from his intent to orient & verify himself . That they rarely fulfil it, is not because of their imperfection, as he likes to believe, but because of his lack of a Point of View and concentration, which scatters his intents and makes him to subjugate his technologies to his attempts to relate himself through possessions.

Moreover, he tries to bind his collectives with the possession-complex which, in conjunction with parasitic relationships and those of Dualism, accelerates the division/multiplication dynamic of the latter and consequently the proliferation of viewpoints & objects which inundate the Occident and its dependencies.

Sapiens interprets the acceleration of the polarization-dynamic of Dualism as progress – and quite right so, as its division/multiplication culminates in the dissolution of the time/space frames, or mirror rooms of Sapiens.

To hope for miraculous solutions, or even a reverse of the deterioration of the Occident is to prolong it and to make it unnecessarily painful,  especially since it is probably going to be accompanied by epidemics, social upheavals, natural catastrophes, nuclear explosions and whatever else its subjects bring upon themselves.

Homo’s histories are full of hints that his worlds do occasionally collapse. That there is little known about previous collapses might be due to the collective amnesia that usually comes in the wake of a catastrophe. Whatever, Homo is about to experience another one – the causes are well known, dynamics & details well researched & recorded, cinema and literature prosper with respective apocalyptic visions, yet, Sapiens – the apparent culprit – carries on with a business like usual attitude.

Be it due to his lack of common sense, simple stupidity, a genetic fuck-up, the revenge of a war god or him destroying  his life foundations – whatever, Sapiens is going to disappear, and with him the subjects of his mirror rooms and pandemonium.

And there will be no redeemer, neither extraterrestrial, nor knight in shiny armor, to save him & them from this fate – which, by the way, is one of the major problems of the weak, to hope that they are taken care of by others.

This is not to say that the Strong disappear – they have been around in all ages and cultures, but can hardly be expected to appear in TV shows, social medias, or whatever means of self-deception are in fashion.

“What is going to happen to us” !?!  cry the followers of Sapiens – the servants of his possession obsession – of his object related objectivity – of his money makes the world go round ideology – just to mention a few of his idiosyncrasies and schizophrenia ….
Well, sorry to say my dears, you are going to disappear too.
Those who remain are integral to Gaia, our mother, our womb, our love and lover.
It will take time to regenerate her health, her beauty, her balance, her vitality –
and so will her children, but time will be on their side.

Thus children arise, celebrate the grandeur of existence, the splendor of ConsciousNess!

Sapiens is an aspect of ConsciousNess too, but he is not aware of it, as he is an outcrop of the R/P field of Dualism, which disappears in the R/P equation IOI – and with it Sapiens.

To Homo the awareness of ConsciousNess is natural, particularly to those living in harmony with Gaia – whereas Sapiens spins ever more psychological, neurological and philosophical theories about ConsciousNess, thus demonstrating his increasing alienation and confusion.

Every R/P system brings forth mirror rooms, yet some of them seem to be more complex than others, or, than their beholders are able to handle – which might be one of the reasons for the prevailing popularity of escape- religions & philosophies.

If Taoism, Buddhism & Zen are to make the mirror rooms disappear – LAL is to make them navigable.

This is not to say that LAL is the only navigation instrument, there is the Kabala, the cosmologies of Taoism and Buddhism and the meditation techniques of Hindu schools, and those of Zen.

All R/P system are subject to the polarisation dynamic of ConsciousNess – the driving force of its Selfrealisation process – whose momentum increases as R/P systems approach their limits.

Although the limits and approaches differ from system to systems, they enter their equation simultaneously, as their innate duality is essential for their fusion.

Assuming that All is based on ConsciousNess, does not necessarily conclude that All is One, since very manifestation of ConsciousNess contains an unknown factor, which – when known – becomes another manifestation. Thus multiplicity is born.

Multiplicity is the cradle of differentiation – differentiation is subject to the R/P modes – their viewpoints cause limitations.

Attempts to reverse this process in order to recuperate Oneness can be found in the alternating as well as in the dualistic R/P mode – although most of them seem not to make it past differentiation.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the contrary R/P relativity made its way via LAL into the Dualism of the Occident and became so to speak its accelerator – which might explain the speed & recklessness of its globalization.
Though originating in Egypt, the home of the contrary R/P system, it would be an error to blame LAL and Ra-Hoor-Khu for this process, as the contrary R/P mode is, so to speak, the archetype of Dualism – it simply took its time to help latter to reach the Inter/Extrapolation-equation IOI.

Crowley´s persistent studies of Occidental, Oriental & Chaldean/Egyptian teachings and his exercise of Will to the very end (Perdurabo), enabled the dictation of LAL – the guide book of realizing OneSelf through doing One´s Will.

Consequently he claimed to be the successor of Ankh af na Khonsu, an Egyptian priest of Ra-Hoor-Khu, who rejoices in his Stele this method – which he also calls “the going forth way”.

It can be assumed that it was a common Selfrealisation method in Egypt, and that it took Crowley and LAL to pave its “way” into the Occident, where doing ones will has hitherto been a wishful thinking, or, at best, a philosophical proposition, that was obviously neither applied nor understood as a Selfrealization method.
The main reason might have been, that it involves EGO, which (to avoid traditional prejudices) stands here for Energy Geometrical Opposed, a closed circuit that consists of 8 R/P poles with 2 viewpoints which relate the poles in a cube-like, i.e. 4 dimensional, manner. When the two viewpoints check each other, a pseudo-self-consciousness comes about, that has deceived Homo throughout all ages & hemispheres, and been blamed to be the cause of most of his troubles.
For good reason, as the four dimensional relativity of EGO is analogous to the one which confines the Occident, and its subjects thus tend to consider it as a unity and – as they cannot see beyond its R/P mirrors – an absolute reality. Since the mirror images divide & multiply according to the interactivity of the two, checking each other viewpoints, there is no end of such self-delusion in sight.

However, when subjected to the polarization dynamic of RaHoorKhu, one viewpoint is able to eliminate the “other”, and thus bring about a one-pointedness which may support the Selfrealization-process.

The application of EGO requires discipline & courage – discipline to continuously eliminate the other viewpoint and courage to do so – at least until the process becomes automatic like breathing.
It combines Do Thy Will & Self-design, and is only for him who accepts that “all prophets are true, as long as they understand a little (that all prophets are true:-) or, as the Romans said, that all ways lead to Rome.

The Self-designer & the Warrior complement each other, as latter is to protect the work of the prior – particularly where the weak forces of ConsciousNess encroach upon and pollute the environment of the individual.

Oriental ways of Self-design are mostly based on Hindu, Buddhist & Taoist cosmologies, which differ quite a bit from those of the Occident – and as every microcosm is bound to its macrocosm (& vice versa!) it is of little use to mix the cosmologies, more so since the R/P systems are different as well.

There are many cosmologies, and they often have little in common – like for example, those of the Egyptians, the Hindus, the Australian aborigines, the Greeks, the early Chinese emperors, the Mayan priests & the Occidental scientists.
Moreover, cosmologies are not confined to collectives, nor are their designers necessarily public figures like Ramses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Aristotle, Copernicus or Sagan – as a matter of fact, the anonymous designers probably surpass the known ones by the millions – particularly, since each individual is a potential Self-designer.

Self-design does not have to be inflated – a well furnished & ordered house will do.

Contrary to the claims of many specialized schools, Selfrealisation has no predeterminable patterns and thus can come about in every circumstance.

There might be as many Selfrealisation-attempts as there are divisions/ multiplications of ConsciousNess, since latter result mostly from the former.

Homo tries, since he is aware of himself, to find out who, where and why he is. Consequently he creates cosmologies, religions, sciences, philosophies, social theories and whatever else he hopes to be able to identify and orientate himself with. Not very successful, considering that they topple each other (or him them) at an increasing rate he calls progress and evolution, and justifies with respectively complex intellectual manoeuvres.

Homo-sapiens is lately trying quite hard (desperate?) to turn himself into a Homo-artifact, and to create a virtual habitat for the latter. In conformity with his possession & defense complexes, he structures it like a medieval fortress, whose outer courts are dedicated to commerce and entertainments, whereas the inner are to house the programming and the administration, while the nucleus is for the sciences and military to hide and protect the ruling class, and the temples of its god mammon.

Structures like that have been around much longer than Sapiens and originate from the hope to be able to realize oneself through isolation and fortification– whereby the latter is foremost to protect the possession complex and its spoils, both having grown quite formidable in the realm of Sapiens i.e. the Occidental culture.

And as he is not willing to leave his booty behind, he has to find ways to transform it into digital/virtual treasure, and to fend of the growing masses of his hungry (and angry) “third world” victims (second world connotes probably the time/space his rip-off takes) – which is not going to be easy, as he still needs them to help him plunder their last resources.

With dividing the planet into a prodigal north, where paranoia and possession complexes are cultivated, and a deprived south whose cultural contributions are mega slums which breed crime and violence, Sapiens sets of an dynamic that will either culminate in the masses of the south overrunning the civilisations of the north – if so, probably not in a civilized manner, but rather as envisioned by his apocalyptical prophets – or the north trying to wipe out the southern problem – which is not going to be pleasant either, considering its arsenals of ABC weaponry, and Homos habit to try to solve his problems with genocide and mass-murder – as (to give a few examples) he has demonstrated with the elimination of the inhabitants of the Americas, the burning and gassing of neighbors which have different beliefs, opinions and skins, and the bombing and atomizing of his women and children. And Sapiens, whose emotions are as instable as those of Homo, cannot be expected to be more human, less so since his warfare becomes increasingly wicked, cowardly and devastating. Nor should one be deceived by his me-culpa-attacks and his wallowing in humanisms and self-pities, because they are schizophrenia-typical seizures and – as experience shows – very short lived.

“Gaia” is the Greek word for a huge and complex organism – also known as nature – that has been adored by Homo throughout ages as mother and often as goddess as well. At least until “Sapiens”, proclaimed her to be a dumb mechanism, and himself, destined by genetics or genesis, her ruler, and of course of Homo too, as a matter of fact, of anyone who is not ruthless and stupid enough to rape, plunder & poison his mother Gaia – “Life” might be a more appropriate term, as this is the only planet alive (even as far as Sapiens can see).

Whatever its name – this organism is obviously getting sick: it has fever, respiratory problems, blood (water) infections, skin cancer – just to mention a few symptoms similar to the diseases which Sapiens diagnoses in the organisms of mammals.

Nothing to bother about, snarl the slaves of the possession complex, who give a damn about the wellbeing of Gaia, as long as they can make a buck from her corps.

Neither can she expect much help from the coryphaei of the physical sciences, as it was them who furthered her degradation, and are thus not very likely to abandon concepts that they have been feeding – and feeding on – although some of them begin lately to acknowledge that Gaia is an organism, that they know little about its complexity & dynamics, and thus practically nothing about the ways she might react.

An ignorance that is hard to fathom, since it was the physical sciences which laboriously unveiled the components, dynamics, structures and interactivities of the human organism, yet refuse to acknowledge it as part of Gaia.

One could blame the dual/linear R/P mode of Sapiens and his monotheistic or monopolistic upbringings which nourish his belief to be a separate and superior organism – were there not his intentional and reckless employment of the intellect to justify his aggrandizements, to reason his lack of reason, i.e. of common sense, to hide his vile motivations and last not least, to conceal his consequent annihilation.

Latter might be suicide in form of blowing himself up, by depleting his food and water supplies, by corrupting his life forces, i.e. interaction with nature, or her simply expelling him from her organism with one of the many magnificent forces she consists of.

Whichever, the time of Sapiens is obviously up, and no one is going to cry about it, particularly not Homo, who will have to deal with the mess he leaves behind.

Division brings about stress and with it emotions that the weak interpret as suffering and make them gather under the cloaks of commiseration apostles, who, for convenience sake, declare all existence to be division and thus a suffering. The pioneers of this movement went through lots of pains to make their weaknesses an universal standard and commiseration to a virtue, setting of snowballing  of misery that brought about innumerable sufferer cults & -cultures and released – instead of the hoped for flood of virtues – a flood of sinners. And not to the undivided delight of its apostles, otherwise the Buddhist & Christian suffering-theorists would not have tried as hard as they did, to alter the course and the patterns of this deluge. Surprisingly, none of them tried to change the pole-positions and base their cosmologies on joy. Because if every aspect of existence is considered a joy (instead of a misery) even the strive for suffering and all other weaknesses would turn into joy. Vices would become virtues, the beast would feel at home again, and most of the here pointed out hang-ups disappear and LAL be understood as what it is: The Book of Joy.

more to come….

von waechter418